Sunday, April 5, 2015

Who is the Best You've Ever Had?

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The other day, I was waiting in line at a restaurant and just happened to gaze outside at my car parked near the entrance. While doing so, I noticed a familiar looking trucking backing out of a nearby spot.

Is that...? I said to myself, squinting to get a better view. Seeing the Kappa Alpha Psi plate on the front grill of the truck, I immediately recognized who it was.

It was Harris. You may remember him from posts like Harris, and Advice to Anonymous (click here) and Like a Virgin (click here)

On the handful of guys that I've been with sexually, Harris is at the top of my list (pun intended). When we fucked, he like, FUCKED me, ya' know? Plus, he was accommodating. I told him how I liked it, and he really took his time to make sure I got mine.

Unfortunately, I had to drop his ass after that whole Golden Shower (click here) fiasco, but his dick is surely to be missed. In fact, for a good minute, Harris set the bar so high, I didn't even want to hook up with anyone else b/c I knew they weren't gonna hit it like he could. Is that weird?

Question: who was your best sexual partner, and why? 
Music, you say? 
Check out my latest YouTube vid! 55 Seconds (click here)
Spring is here, bitches!
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