Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nayquan, Now Hiring!

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Thank you for your interest in applying for Nayquan's New Boo! He is a well-rounded young black male with an immediate opening for a lover. Nayquan is an equally opportunistic employer and he encourages those who are into him to submit their applications.

Serious applicants possess the following skills and traits:

1. Good tongue and dick game ("total tops" unwilling to bottom do not qualify for this position).
2. Gender-Fluid men who embrace both their masculine and feminine traits.
3. Age is not a major factor, but if not around is own age, Nayquan prefers older guys.
4. A MAN who accepts things for what they are, flexible when it comes to adjusting in a new relationship, puts an effort into building trust, believes in God, and is financially stable and independent.

Experience preferred, but not necessary.

Please send resume, along with recent body/dick/ass (including hole)/face pictures to (this is a fake email, mind you). 

Good luck! Check out my latest video! I Need a Bad Bitch! (click here)
Music, you say?
Tennessee -- Arrested Development
Love of My Life -- Erykah Badu ft. Common
Enjoy the pics yall!


  1. No advice, or anything, but I have been checking out your blog for a little while and would like you to know that you are really fucking cool.

  2. LMAO YOu are wild. Loving your Youtube Channel