Thursday, September 16, 2010

Damn, Daddy!

It's something about a mature black man that just gets me jumping... They don't just "fuck", they know how to make love. They don't just bang you out like the younger cats do; black daddies know how to stroke, long, deep, hard. They like to take their time; sexually unselfish. They understand that sex is an equally beneficial arraignment so they take pleasure in pleasing. Foreplay, check. Tongue play, check. Ass, chest, body worship-- check. Rim, Rim, and more Rim. Baby Oil on the nightstand, a blunt or two, love songs in the background...

Sorry ya'll, it's been a good week since I've been without sex, so I'm going through withdrawal. Is it bad that the only reason I like visiting this one girls house (she thinks I like her) is because her dad is such eye candy, my pupils have cavities.

(Note: this does not apply to all black men, some of them are just a hard dick and nothing else. Hell, I could use a toy if that's all I wanted)


  1. Bruh.......I know the feelin. Mature is da shyt.

  2. I approve everything you said... I like maturity in everything and as for sex and partners... there is no comparison when you are in love with a matured man to when you try to love a non matured person.

  3. thanks you blk beautiful safe... you need to talk hit me up for chat ..onelove

  4. THE HUGE HOT BULL ON THE WOOD FURNITURE ABOVE,is so like a wrestler i took home years ago,huge and he let me tie him on a table for "pictures",i blindfolded,gagged,used two tens units,rod in asshole,worked balls with round grips,tits,hours,totally crystal high he came and came,hours about four,eight orgasms,huge 14inch rock hard as he begged for mercy as cum blew and juice gushed from his leather cuffed,belted body,i wet him and used a pump full of salted water,electrode masturbated him to orgasm,also laid a vaseline mesh tea strainer to the bull balls,he shot four feet,paddled me to tears later,worth it,YES,OOOH,SO YES