Tuesday, September 21, 2010

iHave Jungle Fever...

Okay, I know this blog is dedicated to the beauty in black booty and blah blah blah, but let me tell you what happened today in class... I'm sitting there, minding my own business, taking notes, fantasizing about my fine ass professor, chatting it up on AIM; the usual. When to my surprise, this tall 6'2" (I asked his height) blonde hair, green eyed white boy sits across from me to work in the group. (mind you, I was in hella AIM mode, I had NO idea we were switching into groups, lol).

Everyone in the group introduces themselves, and he was the last person to go before me. And when he began introducing himself, I was stuck in a gaze. Like, it took me by surprise; I'm staring at this guy and I say to myself "that's one fiiiiiinnneee white boy". So now I'm trying not to grow a woody, because my dick is damn obvious when it's hard; AND I was wearing sweatpants so I had to get it together! My nasty self; of course I start this fantasy about dude and from there, I had to think about dead kittens or something to get my woody down... 

So the introductions eventually get around to me but I'm hypnotized at this point. The girl next to me goes "uh... you're next!" O no! Not only was I staring, but I was CAUGHT staring! smh! And he was blushing and turning all red... after class I asked how tall he was and told him he made me feel like a munchkin; we had some light conversation... 

Believe it or not, I've never been with a guy outside of my race. Well, I had a Puerto Rican bottom before, but... (does that really count?)

Here's to all my white niggaz in the struggle! (lol, I'm going crazy...)


  1. lol. And i hope you get some of that white meat.

  2. That's why when you go to class, you need to sit near the ugliest thing you can find. CAUSE YOU GOTTA GRADUATE!! LOL