Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wanna Know Something Kinky?

The pics in this post are masturbatory-approved! I haven't posted a single pic on here that was not approved by my right hand.... Wanna know something hot? (just 'cuz I'm feeling kinky)... Um... sometimes... me and o boy, we race to see who can cum first to a pic of my post. If I win, I pick the pic who goes first. If he wins, he picks the pic that goes first and mine goes last. He won tonight! So, the first pic is in honor of him shooting before me!

Hey yall! Just an update, me and o boy are still talking and hugged up and all that good stuff. We want to actually become an "item" but the whole DL thing sucks... (no pun intended)... I told him about the guy who slipped me his number at the poetry show last week, and he was pissed about it! I mean, I didn't want to lie to him about it; he hasn't lied to me yet and I don't want to mess this up with him. But I told him "atleast he wants to feed a nigga at the resturant or something! You act like somebody is gonna automatically point the GAY finger at you just because we together!"

So, tonight, he came to the poetry show with me to show me that he was serious about us atleast doing more stuff together in public. And Lo and Behold, nobody died! There was no spontaneous combustion, no holocausts, no Diasporas, NOBODY DIED BECAUSE TWO GUYS WERE KICKING IT TOGETHER IN PUBLIC!!!!!!! I'm glad he finally realized this... we can now move on to going to the movies. I've been DYING to see Takers. OMG, Idris Elba, will you marry me????


(Enjoy the pics!)


  1. My man, your right hand isn't the only one getting a good workout!

  2. Glad he is working on his fear...is it a bad thing if I say I am glad that he won?

  3. Lol, he cheated though! I specifically told him NO BABY OIL!!! I look up, and it's Johnson & Johnson all over him. Smh! It's aight tho, we put it to good use ;) I want to post some pics of me and him together... it'd be hella hot