Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend Treats!

My weekends start on Thursdays after class because fri-sun I'm a free man! Here's a few pics to keep your hand in an up and down motion. The only thing left to ask is "where'd I put that lotion bottle?" ;) Hope you have a great weekend! O, btw, I met one HELLA fine man last night at the poetry show. He's new in town, and I know he's feeling me because he was in my face the entire night. I went with a girlfriend of mine (a girl who happens to be a friend). And she swears he was sticking around to talk to her. Little does she know, he slipped me his number on the slide all the while up in her face. SMH! He says he's from Texas, and he has that wholesome country boy kind of attitude about him. His poetry was kinda "blah" but he's fine as hell so, I forgive him! Let's see where this goes!



  1. LMAO ! most bitches just don't know that they don't stand a chance against the power n beauty of the Black male.

  2. Sounds good! And that last pic, on the pool table is hot.

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