Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get Over Yourself!

So, I like Xtube a whole lot. There are some HELLA hot guys on there, and the vids and pics keep me cumming like a geyser. You should know that a pet peeve of mine is when people are straight up CONCEITED for no good goshdarn reason. On many guys's Xtube profiles, they say stuff like "I am your fantasy" "Don't nobody got nothin on my Phat Ass" "Tell your dude to give up, I'm the best you ever had" "A few pics of my sex ass" "Pics of my sexy body". Along with the plethora of double-negatives, these are ALL actual titles from pics/vids I've seen on Xtube. And it's like DAYUMN, REALLY???

#1. You're not all that damn cute, so stop taking pics in the mirror biting your bottom lip.
#2. Why are there 503039 pics of you in ONE album of your body?
#3. FACE PICS and nothing else? GET OVER YOURSELF!!
#4. OMG, if you're gonna take pics in the bathroom, clean it up first!
#5. We get it, you're hot. And you want us to melt in the presence of your hotness. Dually noted.
#6. You're like, 25 years old and still refer to yourself as HottyWithBody2345 or iGottaPhatty...

I could go on and on...

What kills me the most is when the UGLIEST ugmos in the history of Ugly think their the finest, God's gift to mankind... I'm rambling... But really though, it's nothing wrong with being confident in yourself, in fact, I encourage a good sense of self-esteem. But don't take it overboard and think that you're the prettiest thing to ever walk the earth.

I mean, as long as Idris Elba exists, you're a 7/10 in my book. Lol, I'm sorry, he stole my HEART in Daddy's Girl. I have this weird lil fantasy where (you know the scene where Gabrielle Union's LUCKY ASS got to make out w/ him and he was about to TEAR THE LINING out of her, and she went to the bathroom and vomited like an idiot?)  Well, in my fantasy, he OWNS me. Damn, picture Animal Planet After Dark... ;) I'm a freak, sue me...

Enjoy the pics!


  1. Respect you opinion but also disagree. There is nothing more sexy than a Nigga who is so conceited and arrogant about his own ass that he can't stand himself.

  2. @ThaWickedOne, I agree with the author of this post, but I disagree with you ThaWickedOne. I feel that when you have someone who thinks they're sexier than the next person, then you have a person who is basically a man whore. There's a difference between being sexy and being slutty. Being sexy is basically you not throwing yourself out to the world, you leave more to the imagination. Slutty is dressing all provacatively and also showing off your bodyparts for the whole world to see. Plus, you're saying that you have the best booty every and everything, that's not cool either dude.

  3. Only thing I agree with is Idris Elbow. He had my ass wet like boil okra in that underwear scene in TAKERS. I slowed that DVD and rewound that bitch like I was lookin at Xtube.