Saturday, December 11, 2010


So for those of you who don't know, actually, many of you wouldn't know this, but, aside from the suuppper freaky-deaky-nasty-raunchy-fantasy #123483272-- kinky--person that I am, I have a very spiritual side. Yes, I like dick and ass just as much as the next guy, but sexuality is only one part of the very complex person that makes up who I am.

A big part of who I am has everything to do with God. I love Him more than any guy, any dick, any sexual tangent. God is my homie! And people always say stuff like "how can you be a Christian when God hates gay people?" "How can you love God when He hates fags?" you know the usual "meow meow meow" crap that people like to say and picket-sign about. GOD DOES NOT HATE HOMOSEXUALS. Let's get that out first and foremost. And I'm not going to get into why He doesn't or why those FUCKING idiots are wrong and should burn in the same Hell they're so quick to send everyone else to...

See, I'm also a Minister. Full blown "can I get an Amen" type. And I was having a conversation with my Pastor today about this really controversial thing going on downtown. One of the churches in our jurisdiction is going to allow a same-sex couple to be wed next month. And my Pastor and a few of the surrounding church leaders (among my 20 year old self) were among a group discussing this topic. Everyone has there "omg, this is terrible" face on. When it came time for me to voice my opinion, I told them that I love God just as much as the next Bible Thumper, but you'll NEVER catch me outside of a church with a picket-signs b/c I'll be the one inside asking "you may now kiss your husband..."

Granted, my pastor, who'm is also my older cousin, knows all about me being gay. But he says I can out-preach most of the pastors in the league and plus I'm not "all loud about it" as he says, so he doesn't make a big deal of it. I did ruffle a few feathers and I even got into it with a few deacons, but I stood my ground. And I usually try my BEST to avoid Bible-Arguments b/c nobody can win, but I had to let them mofos have it. And I'm not even gonna go into what was said, just know that by the time I was done, NOBODY wanted to rally outside the church anymore... just know that you've got one guy (me) on the inside walls of the church speaking up for us ;)

Enjoy the pics and thanks for letting me rant/rave as usual! love you guys and gals.


  1. Great post and extra-hot pics. Thanks for sticking up for all us 'mos out there! Take care.

  2. i want this cocks for Christmas!

  3. Well done my friend. Only someone who has wisdom, knowledge and understanding could achieve what you have; the right thing. What God has tried to teach us since day one, do well onto others. Even as gay men and woman; even bi and everything in between. We must still walk the harder path, the righteous path. For God has a plan for us all. Only through the understanding that God teaches us will bigotry ever end. Thank you for standing your ground man and know that you have a friend in this corner. If you ever wish to talk hit me up on Facebook, My name is Sergio Sierra, from Las Vegas