Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Fantasy of Mine!

I've been HELLA horny lately; craving some strong black daddy dick... my bf is good and all, but he's my age, you know? Every now and then I want an older male; remember the dad from that disney show Smart Guy? When I was like 11 or 12, I used to fantasize about him; still do! Should I share the fantasy with yall??? The minor details can be filled-in with your imagination, but here's the gist of it:

I come over to my friend's house after school to help study for some test or something. My friend is completely oblivious to the fact that I'm only EVER coming over his house because I have the hugest crush on his fiiiinneeee ass daddy (the dad from Smart Guy). So we're studying in my friend's room and for whatever reason, he has to leave the house for about an hour or so but tells me to stay behind and finish the homework. So as he leaves, I realize I'm finally all alone w/ his dad so I go patroling the house looking for him.

I walk past the bathroom and his dad has the door wide open, taking the sexiest shower you ever did see. And I stand there, drooling, dick hard as hell, and he takes his head from under the shower and sees me standing there.

He comes out the shower, smelling clean and masculine and my dick is damn near spitting precum. He grabs a towel, walks over to me and asks me to dry him off. I take the towel and go for his chest first. Slowly drying him off, in marvel of his banging body. Then he takes my hands and pulls them down to his dick and I start handling it. I get down on my knees, giving him a sloppy blowjob w/plenty of slurps and gags. He's moaning; telling me he sees how I watch him, how I look at him. One hand on the back of my head, his other hand slowly playing w/his nipples until they're stiff and hard.

Then the stands me up; french kissing me real deep and takes me by the hand and leads me into his bedroom.
Takes a 10 inch, charcoal-black dildo w/a golden vibrating head on it (those are the BEST) and begins to play w/ my ass while he's eating it out like a thanksgiving turkey! Then he lays me on my back, holds my legs up in the air and slowly, really slowly, get-some-more-lube-slowly---inching his thick dick inside me and it feels so. damn. good.

He's fucking me in all kinds of positions and he asks me where I want him to bust at. I tell him to cum inside me and he does. Then he flips me over--face down, ass up--licking all the cum from out of me. Then he flips me back over, plays w/my nipples, fingers me and sucks me off until I bust all over my belly. Ofcourse he licks it all up and we do a lil snowballing.

Then, it's back to the shower so we can stay clean while getting dirty for the second time...


...and does my friend ever come back from whatever errand he had to run? Hell, idk...

Wow, lol, thank yall for reading and letting my (teensy tiny, itty bitty, teeny weeny) freaky colors show every now and then. Love yall!




Enjoy the pics!


  1. Love it man!! John Marshall Jones doesn't quite do it for me. But put Gary Dourdan in that fantasy, and I'm there. Well done.

  2. I loved your text on your fantasy. You were quite young to have such wet dreams, but hey.. I guess there is no age for that... That was super hot, though! Made me hard!

  3. Well, when I was younger, I was well aware of my own sexuality. I just didn't know why. Now that I'm older, I've realized that because I was such an independent adolescent, I didn't wait for the whole "birds and bees" talk--I was totally online watching it for myself... So, I guess I've kinda always been a freak... ;)