Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Til 2011!

Honestly speaking, I know sex is good, sex is great, sex is amazing! But every now and then, I just love jacking off by myself. Laying down in the bed, one hand jerking, the other hand playing w/my nipples or grabbing at the sheets. Playing with my balls a lil bit while tickling my scrotum. I’ve never been much of a fingerer, but I kinda do like a bit of ass play around the rim; just a teeensssyy bit. I like to see how long I can hold out; see how horribly terrific it feels to get right to the very edge of busting a nut—and letting go of my dick so I won’t come. FUCK! I be looking at my dick like “you better not cum! You better not cum”! lol, I know it must be like “damn nigga, you beating me like I owe you money”. Lmao!!

And when I’m feeling extra kinky, once I finally do cum, I usually bust all over my stomach. I like to take the cum and rub it down on my balls and I can usually work out that “one extra nut” that you know is left in you, you know? Or sometimes after I bust, I’ll take the cum and use it as lube and (very lightly) play with my hole a lil bit. Okay, yall know, after all this time, that when it comes to a level of full-blown freakiness, I’m at the top of the list. What can I say? I’m just very sexually charged… and it’s not like I don’t get my fair share of dick, because I surely do, but sometimes, I kinda like to do it by myself.

It’s EXTREMELY hot when another dude decides to jack off with me. We race to see who can hold out the longest. Whoever comes first has to help the other guy cum. So I guess nobody really loses ;) You ought to try it sometime, it’ beats playing Monopoly!

Sidenote: the new year approaches and I can't help but thank God for seeing all of us this far, thanks Big Guy!  
Other than that… I posted a helluva lot of pics tonight because I won’t be making another post until after the New Year. So around Jan. 2nd or so I think is when I’ll post again; these pics should tie you over though!  If you see any re-posts, it's just because it's one of my fav's or I busted to it before I posted... 

Enjoy the pics!

These next few pics are from Biron, a photographer who hit me up and sent me these pics from a private photoshoot. The model’s name is “Mebinchi” and I must say DAAAAMMNN!!!! Ain’t he fine, yall? Thanks to Biron for the pics and don’t forget, if you want your pics to be featured in a post, just send them to my email CAPRICORNARIES@HOTMAIL.COM  And as sure as the sky is blue, I’ll post your pics!

'Til 2011, I love yall and thanks for loving my freaky azz!!!! 
btw, don't wait for 2011 to start a new year's resolution, start NOW!!!! 


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