Monday, April 11, 2011

Dick, and other drugs...

Since before my birthday, I told yall about my boy RedBone and how he was riding my dick like he owed me money; I've been getting emails asking about him (and us).

Well, we haven't had much time to kick it like we have been doing. When I'm at work, he's in class and vice versa. I'm not really into having "quickies"; I'm more of a wine and dine kind of guy, so until we can actually spend some time together, I've just been sticking to myself.

But, after about 4 months of a drought, ya boi FINALLY GOT DICKED DOWN! And I mean like, professionally!

In my Cum On! post, I told you all about the DJ from Detroit I met at the barber shop a while back. Remember he had a big dick but didn't last long enough for me to work him? smh! I mean, I was riding him and could see on his face that he was about to cum! Damn shame, I know I got dat good-good but damn, 7 minutes though?

I told him flat out that what we had at that hotel room was a one time thing. We were both drunk, horny, and had needs to be met. I told him that a while back.

Well, he was in town this weekend and hit me up via email and said he wanted to take me out to make up for missing my bday. We went to this really ritzy Wine Loft downtown and he even took me to this Play out on campus. Like I said earlier: I'm a sucker for wine and dine. And on top of that, I forgot how fun it was to kick it with someone. In general, he is a nice guy. I can tell that he really enjoys my company and I admit that I enjoy his.

Cut to the chase.

I'm not sure if this nigga popped a Viagra or something, but dude'd dick stood About-Faced all night long! I mean, even after he came!

We made it back up to his room around 12 or so after we left the Play and took a shower. It was mandatory; I knew I was going to give his ass a thorough eating so I had to know that I know it was clean, feel me?

We never made it out of the shower though! Before I knew it, he was pressed against the shower wall and I had my face in a place where the sun has never shined ;)

I'm not bragging, but uh... I ate his ass soo good, his knees buckled.

And his dick, omg! I wanted to take pics so bad but he's all extra cautious and shit so he wasn't having it, but damn! It's so... pretty to me! And because he's so much taller and stronger than me, he picked me up and pinned me to the wall by my legs and we started getting it in!

I need to have sex in the shower more often! Two bodies wet, slippery, hot, and fucking like it was going out of style!

I guess he just can't fuck if he's drunk. From what I hear, a lot of guys are like that.

So yeah, ya boi Cogito is officially back in the Bottom Business! This is cause for celebration. Dicks for everyone!

lol, enjoy the pics!



  1. LMAO! "Back in the bottom business". Well i'm a lifetime card carrier. I tried the shower sex thing before when this dude on the foot ball team, but his big swole ass messed around and slipped in the middle of eating my ass and we both hit the floor on the shower. Needless to say, that shit killed the mood and ruined shower sex for me forever.

    I did try again with another guy, D-boy (wrote about him on my blog), and it was better but we just got it in. No head, no eating this time...straight screwing. It was good, but he just couldn't work it in the shower like he wanted to.

  2. Damn nice post. Love the pics. Sexy story as well

  3. @ Trey-- Redbone had me ready to apply for my Top card tho! Im Vers but DJ just luckily caught me on a Dick Drought. I'm an ass man myself so if I can eat it, then we all set.

    And yeah, I read up on your blog (which is dope, btw). D-Boy is quite the chatacter!

    I think the fact that a shower scene is kinda Sensory Overload, it can get pretty busy. Especially if you argue over how to set the water, smh!

    @ Piscean-- thanks! I was wondering if the pics were ho hum


  4. Thanks for the love man. I like yo spot too. I like to find my top card and dust it off...but that shit is probably expired. LoL