Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facebook Creeper...

For those of you who know, I'm also a Spoken Word/Slam Poet. I do Open Mic on Tuesdays and I did my damn THANG this past Tuesday. Anyway, after the show was over, this one chick, she goes by the name of Pearl, approached me and was like "We're Facebook friends!" and I'm like "Okay, cool..." not thinking anything else of it, right? Wrong. She wasn't done with me yet.

"Omg, you're the only reason I come to this club because your poetry is so dope! We should hang out or go to dinner or something..." 

*sighs* damn, I'm gay as hell. Here is Pussy on a Silver Platter and all I could come up with was... 

"Okay, hit me up on my Wall and we'll go from there!". 

She has officially became a Facebook Creeper. Let me explain what a Facebook Creeper is. 

1. They "like" every single status you EVER FUCKING POST
2. They comment on 20 of your pics in like 10 minutes
3. You have to log on, check your Notifications and then quickly log off before this crazy bitch sees you online and tries to E-Fuck you through Instant Messaging. 
4. Posting "I had a great time seeing you Tuesday night" on your wall. Yeah Bitch, you and the other 50+ people in the crowd! Don't act like we were on some date or something! That TOTALLY brings my stock down... 

*Sighs* I suppose it comes with the lifestyle. Not to brag, but I have quite the reputation built around my Poetry on campus. So, hoes be trying to throw themselves at me all the time, but uh... 

It's a total Sausage Party around these parts, sorry ladies! (and excuse the Ebonics)

Hey bloggers! I missed yall! I know I haven’t posted in like a week but its because the neighbors next door decided to move out and take their FREE WIFI WITH THEM!!! BASTARDS!!! So, until I can find a decent internet bundle, I’m a slave to Wifi up on campus L which means I can only post in between jumping hoops in class…

Other than that, um…

My bday went off without a hitch! We all got wasted, I ended up over a girl’s house (I’ll post more on that later). Only thing is I didn't get any bday dick like I wanted L the dude that I was telling yall about, well, he fell through. 

“Something suddenly came up”. Whatever. 

He was scared of fucking if you ask me. Lol, you ever meet someone who talked a whole lotta crap about their sex game but when it’s go-time, they fumble the ball? SMH!

And it's always the most masculine of men that claim they're a bona fide top. SHIIIITTT>>> When you get them behind closed doors, they have they're ass arched up so high, it hits the ceiling fan! 

*sighs* what is a Vers nigga to do? 

Idk, I'm rambling today... 

Well, that’s all for now, I’m kinda brief tonight because if I don’t log off of blogger and facebook, this paper on Martin Luther King’s 4 Biggest Philosophical Influences will NEVER BE DONE!!!

P.S. The first pic is of Jamel Jamero, my newfound masturbatory fantasy! What do you think of him?

Love ya a bunch! Enjoy the pics!


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  1. Slam poet?! Cool as hell man. I go to the shows here on campus...could never perform though.

    And those damn facebook creepers will make you want to deactivate your account. And its always some random ass girl, why can't some fly ass dude do the creeping? LoL