Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I want the world to know...

So I came across this hella cool website that promotes and encourages people who are "in the closet" to come out as well as people who are already "out" to share their coming-out stories as well as offer advice on how to do it. I admire these guys n gals so much for their bravery to stand for what they believe, even at the expense of close relationships with family and loved ones. As I said a long long time ago, I was "out" before. But a whole lotta things happened and now I'm back in. I guess I'll do a post about it later. But I can identify all too well on the pressures of hiding who you are from your family. And what surprised me the most when I did come out was that the ones who I thought would go ape-shit about me being gay-- they were the most supportive and vice versa.

Eh. check the website out.

Click this to watch a vid of Steven's coming out story. brains and beauty though? He's such a hunk...

What else? um....
Yeah so in my Leadership class, there's this black guy in there named Benny. And when Benny isn't busy gazing into my eyes in class, he's out keeping the mean streets safe. That's right. Benny is a Public Safety Officer. And a fucking damn hot one, at that!! I really, really, REALLY have to stay away from this one. He's got the body of... This guy below (minus that stupid face, and a bit darker, but the same bald head and he has a mustache).

Now don't get me wrong, my bae Rob is all the man I need. But a lil bit of eye candy is always nice. And on top of that, Benny is really feeling me. And this isn't something that I haven't already told Rob. He had a lil bit of an attitude at first but I'm like damn, at least you know you're not dating a "5"... So he's over it...

What are you guys n gals doing for Halloween? Rob is throwing a costume party at the club and I really wanted to see him in his police-costume but I have to help host "Hallelujah Night" at church. *sighs* whatever. I just told Rob to keep that Cop Costume on for when I come over later on that night ;)

(he's totally being a police officer just because I told him about Benny... Kinda cute...)

Music, you say?

Fell in Love with a Girl -- White Stripes -- cuz who hasn't been there?

Forever -- R. Kelly   -- MARRY ME!!!

Fix You -- Coldplay --- ...and I will try to fix you... #NuffSaid

Love on Top -- Beyonce ---  smh, let this woman be prego in peace! People claim she isn't pregnant? Who effin' cares? I don't...

I've got some rather hot pics for ya'll tonight, so... enjoy!


Music, you say?

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