Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pick a Dick, any Dick!

Hey Bloggers! I know, I know, I know... I've been getting HELLA emails asking on where the hell I've been. It's been like 2 weeks without a post? Well...

I don't have some fabulous story about being abducted by aliens or on some top secret CIA mission as an alibi for where I've been. Simply put: my laptop charger broke and I couldn't get another one until today. Those lil bitches are expensive. And plus, Rob was being an ass about it. I need to be more "responsible" and blah blah blah. Damn. I need a man. Not a father. You know?


Other than that... this semester is going off without a hitch! My classes are really sweet and my schedule is awesome so I'm pretty much just letting it flow... No eye-candy though in any of my classes...

But enough about me. How the hell have ya'll been??? My last post was for the tops so this post is for all my bottoms out there! Are these some pretty dicks or what?

You may recognize this song from that Lowe's commercial. I fell in love with it, and Gin Wigmore as an artist. Here's my two favorite songs from her so far. My gifts to you:

Gin Wigmore-- Cocaine

Gin Wigmore-- Hallelujah (this made my tough as tear up!)



  1. The second from last. That muhfucka is pretty. Not too sure about that curve...but we can work it out. LoL