Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet N' Low

Something that has always annoyed me is the whole Down Low Brothers thing. I think the media portrays it as some really seedy, "football practice after dark" type of situation. I've seen plenty of movies where guys give there women AIDS or they ruin there (already crumbling) marriage, or something equally tragic. Don't get me wrong, these are some solid realities that often do happen.

But damn.

If Janet Jackson coughed one more time in "For Colored Girls" I was gonna scream. #JustSayin if you've seen the movie, then you know what I'm talking about.

For me, I... kinda like the adventure of noticing a guy, playing the "games" to see what's what, and finally bagging him in the sack (pun intended).

Not that I do this often. Before Rob and I, I had my share of flings, but I wasn't one of those creepers who loitered around the men's bathroom tryna make eye contact with you. Smh. Can't I piss in peace???

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is still something... sexy, about "the chase".

When I look back at how Rob and I played so many games with each other, I kinda miss it. How he'd be gone for a week or something and I'd tell the bartender "tell Rob I said have a safe trip and I'll see him around"... Or I'll be on stage and Rob would send a drink my way and I'd give him that lil nod...

I know this ish sounds corny as hell. But it's that guessing element that I love.

Eh. Just my thoughts on it. I tend to look at things kinda cynical sometimes...

What's your take on it?

What? It's music you want? Let's see what I have here...

Lose Yourself-- Eminem

Nightmares of the Bottom -- Lil Wayne

Wanna Be Down -- Brandy

Okay --- Nivea


Enjoy the pics yall!

that pic on top is EVERYTHING, right?



  1. Like the old adage: Every picture tells a story. Excellent!

  2. KNOW I feel you. The media/entertainment makes the "down-low" thing into something worst than damn Paranormal Activity. As long as this man isn't fucking you or your husband, it shouldn't bother you.

    I love that damn chase. It's thrilling to play the guessing game. You know...doing the slight flirting, little stares and looks. It's all so, for lack of better words, FUN.

  3. Oh the chase is AWESOME, I think we need to understand what it is about BEFORE we get into though.

  4. @Roger-- thanks bud!
    @Trey-- Ikr!
    @Keeper--I absolutely agree