Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nothing Even Matters...

I SWEAR I only planned on dropping by to get a can of Raviolis from his pantry. 

He was just getting out of the shower when I got there so I say to myself: 

"aaww hell, if I plan on being productive with the rest of my day, lemme grab these vittles and gtfo outta here"... 

(OldSpice Original Body Wash is my Achilles Heel, you see, especially when a nigga is in the shower with it) 

I turn around to walk from the pantry and there he is, wearing nothing but a grin, and some flip flops. 

I tried ya'll, I really tried, to leave... 

But he decided to corner me at the door. 


You know the rest ;) 


So while I'm laid out on the bed, waiting for him to bring me a warm wash cloth, a thought occurs to me: 


You'll put up with some pure BULLSHIT from a dude, if that dick is on point. 
Making 3AM runs to McDonalds cuz he's hungry after plowing you. 
Flatout, blatantly disrespect you to your FACE, and you KNOW you don't tolerate that, but you say 
something keeps pulling me back". (Naw nigga, that's that DICK and you know it)! 

...Or maybe that's just me... 

And mind you, I'm a self-proclaimed Vers all day long. I'll tear some ass up in a minute. I'll eat at a nigga out like its Thanksgiving. 

But Rob got me seeing stars though... 

Like, I wonder if his dick can sing Handel's Messiah? 
Nothing Even Matters -- Lauryn Hill and D'angelo  I pity the ones who don't know what they sing about in this song. 

Wonderful Wonderful -- Johnny Mathis  they played this at the series finale of my second favorite show ever (desperate housewives) and it made me cry like the pussy I am.

Oh, btw, I'm thinking of starting a VLOG. What'dya think about that? 

Enjoy the pics! 



  1. Sex in general is the shit if you have someone who knows exactly the way you like it. lol

  2. Vlog? Do it! Would be great.

  3. Yes dick (I mean, good dick) will make you do shit and put up with shit you said you never would! There was this video on youtube a while back with this crazy lady explaining dick will make you slap somebody. How true that is!