Monday, July 2, 2012

Anderson Cooper

I have this theory that Anderson Cooper is a vampire.

A sexy, sexy, sexy vampire.

He's only 45-ish, but he looks DAMN good for a guy pushing 50. It's like his body stopped aging around 30 but his hair kept getting more fabulous with each year. 

Plus he has the physique of ZUES almighty

Mud never looked so good...

And aside from the sex appeal, he's just a downright good human being. The type you want to be friends with. His show, Anderson Cooper 360, has restored my faith in News Broadcasts. 

Click Here and watch my favorite episode of his. It's a special on Anderson and his Mother discussing his brother's suicide in 1988. Grab your Kleenex. -_- 

As of today, July 2, 2012-- he is an openly gay news reporter. Click Here to read the full story on why he decided to finally come out after years of rumors and speculations. When I read the aforementioned link, it only made me love him more. 

The fact that he's gay, and proud of it, makes him that much more cooler. 

I don't know if he's a Top. 
I don't know if he's a Bottom. 
I don't know if he's Vers. 

But EITHER way, he can GET IT. 
Don't even get me started on that silver, spider-web of hair he has. It's like, Unicorn Tail hair. 



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  1. Anderson Cooper - one of the sexiest men on the planet!