Friday, October 19, 2012

Jockstraps and Timberlands

Seriously, this is my #1 fantasy.

To come home from class, open the door,

and a BAAAADDDDD Bitch,


King from Dawgpoundusa

is standing in the doorway.

Wearing nothing but a black jockstrap

and some old school Timberlands

*whoo* I get hot just thinking about it.

The Jockstrap can do wonders for the smallest of backsides. For those who have flat, shapeless asses, the Jockstrap provides a lift and gives a firm illusion.

For those who have plump, round "bubble butts", the Jockstrap compliments the curve of their waist and frames their cheeks in a way that makes me drool puddles.

Needless to say, I LOVE jockstraps. Funny thing is, I don't have any of my own.

Rob isn't really into them.

So for now, I'm stuck creeping around the internet looking for fetish pics of them. -_- smh.


Something MC's Can Kiss -- Uffie (it came on my Azealia Banks channel on Pandora last night and I fell in love with it).

Bad Karma -- Ida Maria (I'm a huge STAN of the Scream franchise. This played at the end of Scream 4 and the rest is history).

I Can Do That Too -- Lulu Tsunami (for obvious reasons)

Rainy Night in Georgia -- Brook Benton (don't judge me!)

Its So Hard -- Big Pun (hardcore you can dance to!)

What're some weird turn ons of yours?

Enjoy the pics!



  1. No doubt! Nice pics and I love the sexxxy mofos who WANT to show their shit off. Damnnnnn.

  2. YASS!!! I love a man in jockstraps. Maybe you should try something new with Rob and TELL HIM!!!! your fantasy