Monday, October 1, 2012

One Year Left!

As the summer comes to a close, a few churches are scrambling to do their last few youth events and such. I get a call a few weeks back, asking me to speak at this event like 45 minutes or so out of town.

I was like "Well Soitinly!" (in my archie bunker voice).

That event was this past Sunday, on 9/30

Of course, before I go up to preach, I'm in the back of that church pastor's office, studying my notes and whatnot.

I had a few extra minutes before going up into the pulpit, so I check my voicemail (for once in my life).

among crazy messages from Rob's bi-polar ass, granny's nosy ass, and my father's begging ass,
there was a voicemail from Patti, my academic adviser.

According to her, I'm ROCKING my GPA and in two months, will qualify to enter the Accelerated Bachelor's Degree.

It's a year long, non-stop, 3 night a week program,

but if I buckle down in my studies (and possibly test out of a few credits)

I'll be crip-walking across the stage this time next year!


This, my friend, is the crip walk (click here)

Music, you say?

I Feel Good All Over -- Stephanie Mills  (i just discovered this song on Rob's iPad, and I LOVE it!)

He's Mine -- Mokenstef (the lyrics say it all!)

So Anxious -- Genuine

We Belong Together -- Mariah Carey

Halo -- Beyonce (acoustic version)   (she SLAYS this!)