Friday, March 8, 2013

Whatever Happened to Romance?

(some of ya'll have been asking me if Matt is cute so... I don't usually do this but uh... the first pic in this post is of Matt. I'll let you decide how cute he is...). That 7th pic is doing it for me...

As you're well aware of: I'm a Freak. In every definition of the word.

Aside from deal breakers like: piss/fist/scat/rosebud/ and other crazy things,

I'm pretty much down with whatever.

One of my favorite Adult Film Productions is
They give me a healthy does of everything I need from Black Leather Daddies to free-for-all fuck fests.

In this clip (click here), Kane Ryder (who I personally think is a robot) is getting it in with two other guys (I can't remember their names).

It was rough, sweaty, raunchy, all that good stuff.

I have the full scene somewhere in my collection and was watching it last night.

And around 3/4 into the scene, I was... bored.

For some reason, all that dick slamming and ass-to-mouth sucking got... boring.

Like, damn...

I love me a good rough fucking, don't get me wrong.

But it's clear that these models had already reached their climaxes and were just going on the rest of the Viagra they popped to keep their dicks erect.

At that point, it's just some floppy meat being slapped around in some exhausted bottom's ass/mouth.

The passion had left the scene.

Scrolling through my Spank Bank, I realized that there are a lot of scenes that do it..

Whatever happened to making love? Paying attention to your partner's body language and keeping up with the rhythm of your bodies together?

Rough, but sensual Sex.


Slow, hip swinging Sex.

Turned-on by the sound of each other breathing Sex.

In my opinion, there is something... Healing, about Love Making.

When you're having "one of those days" where everything goes wrong and all you need is somebody to understand you.

All you need is someone to pull you in close to them and hold you.

Their embrace reminds you that somebody in this world still gives a damn.

It's deeper than a "bust a nut to release tension" kind of sex sessions. Although they do have their place.

It's about touching on a physical level, but CONNECTING on an emotional level.

It's about... celebrating the power of touch.

Trusting someone enough to see you completely naked: see the stretch marks in your inner-thigh, the scar on your lower back, every fat-roll, every pimple,

You trust all of your physical insecurities over to them.

In fact, it's not really even about the sex at all. It's that quiet moment afterwards where you just... hold each other...
I think I've been spoiled. After this last relationship, I found something deeper than sex.
Useless fucking w/some booty call won't do it for me anymore...

Beyonce said it best:

"Make love to me, when my days look low. Pull me in close. And don't let me go. Make love to me. So when the world's at war, let our Love heal us all. Help me let down my guard [...]". (not to mention the 1+1 video is beautiful).
Has anyone else ever felt this way?
Have you ever gotten emotional during sex?

Let me know...
So Fly -- Elle Varner

Juicy -- Biggie

Stay -- Rhianna ft. Ekko

Enjoy the pics!

(excuse any typos, I don't feel like editing)



  1. Matt is SOOO cute and just your type. I think you need to give it a chance.

  2. @Anonym #1 -- eh... He's like... a brother to me, ya'know?

    @Gayte -- Nuh-uh. After a few weeks I'm gonna delete it. Just wanted ya'll to see him is all... I would post one of my ex Rob but I deleted that bitch from all my sources. smh.

    @Anonym #2 -- great minds think alike!

  3. Yeah. Good for you. Let him walk on by, but maybe be his friend if he comes on out of the closet to you.

  4. Those pics are hotttt. Shit. I think I looked at them about 6 times.