Monday, June 10, 2013

Fleshlights, Mr. Marcus, and Blogging Ideas

If you want it done right, sometimes you gotta' do it by your black ass self.

When this is the case, I strongly suggest you get yourself a decent Fleshlight or a Cock Sleave or a Pocket Pussy or something of that nature.

I have two of them: (see below)

The first one is my fleshlight. It is amazing. It came with these "bullets" that you place under the inside of the lips, it vibrates. At the far end of it, you can control the suction of it by how tight or loose you screw the top off. Just make sure you're home alone. All that suction is kinda loud, and nobody likes to get caught in the act. It's kinda bulky but that's to its advantage. If you really wanna have some fun, lube it up really well and position it in between the pillow-seat of your couch. You'll thank me later! A lot of guys use Fleshlights to build their penis-endurance and desensitize it by eliminating the ability to put the "death-grip" on your dick.

The second one is called a Stroker. I've had it for about a year or so now and I prefer it over the fleshlight, especially when I need to get my last few rocks off before rolling over and going to sleep and dream about Idris Elba.... With the stroker, you can grip your dick as firm or loose as you want. (I'm growing a woody just typing about it!)
Don't skeet-skeet just yet. Strokers are a great tool for Edging. On a good night, I can edge maybe 6 or 7 times before I can't take it anymore. IF YOU'VE NEVER BUSTED A NUT INSIDE ONE OF THESE, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PERSONAL DICK-PLEASING!!! The inside of it is ridged with stimulators that rub and stroke you in crazy ways.

Dear, Mr. Marcus:

Dude, what. the. fucking. fuck? Why are you altering STD results to hide your Syphilis? Better yet, why would you STILL do scenes w/no condom, knowing DAMN well this bitch is finna' swallow an STD of yours? Nigga, did you need the money THAT damn bad?
It's kinda... creepy. I can't even j/o to you anymore b/c all I can think about is a picture of a diseased dick in my 7th grade reproductive health class.

Get your shit together.

Brian Pumper and I miss you. XoXoXo

Do any of ya'll have a topic that I should write about? I've got some drafts that I'm working on but they're nowhere near ready to publish. So in the meantime, gimme some suggestions and/or topics to write on...

Something else I wanna do is pick random people that follow this blog and interview them, after which, write a post on it.

Just a lil' brainstorming...

Music, you say?

Black and Gold by Sam Sparro

I'ma Read Dat Bitch by Zebra Katz

Vision of Love by Mariah Carey

Blow the Whistle by Too Short

Enjoy the pics!


  1. Nice work, young man. Um. Here's a topic: Who the F worked your ass out last week??? :D Hope you are well. Thanks for the hot pics.

  2. been meaning to get a flesh light