Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Harris, and advice to Anonymous

See what had happened was...

I've only met a few guys from off line before.

Harris makes the third or fourth one.

I met him off of Craigslist.

Which is waaayyy less sleazier than it sounds.

His post title read "Older For Younger"
His ad said he was 48 DL, Black Male, Happily Married, 10.5 uncut, Top

I responded to his ad, traded pics, and liked what we both saw.

BUT... At first, I was gonna do a post about Harris. I was gonna write about whether or not I should hook up with him because he's married and I don't wanna get involved in any drama and blah blah blah... Plus he had an uncut dick. Yuck. (No offense, if that's what you're into. But uncut cocks look... blah).

I actually had an entire post written about it when suddenly, it hit me:

I think about shit WAAAAYYYY too hard. From the game this dude was spittin', he clearly does this shit on the regular, the only one acting brand new about it is me.

Not only that, but my homeboy Immanuel over at Confessions of a Down Low Brother: The Sequel (blog) (click here) has ALLL the fun in the world with his lil sexcapades.

Plus it had been a minute since I had a real good dig-out.

While we were texting back and forth, trying to get a feel for each other, I ask him:

Me: if you could describe Sex in one word, what would it be?
Harris: (after a few minutes, I assume he was thinking...)
Me: (...)

I was about to resend message because I thought he didn't receive it.
When suddenly:

Harris: ...Rough. You?
Me: ... Verbal.

We met up on some of the most discreet, Secret Squirrel shit.

He pulled up next to me at a Walgreens parking lot a few streets up from his place. We actually don't even live that far from each other.

Dude was kinda cute in the pics we exchanged, but in person, he was Handsome. Not just fine. Handsome. He looked like... Ving Rhames with a lil' pudgy pot-belly.

There was this masculine quality to his demeanor that made my stomach drop. I saw him give me the once-over as we walked into the store, and he grinned...

After grabbing some provisions from the store, next thing I know, I'm trailing him back to his place.

He rolls up a L (weed) and after some chit-chat, it was time to do what we came there for.

I make a quick trip to the bathroom.

In there, I give myself one more check-up, make sure I'm good and clean, inside and out. I was still nervous as fuck, but it was too late to turn around.

I stepped out the bathroom with my shirt off, and saw his dick was sitting pretty, hanging out of his zipper. And that bitch was PRETTY.

You can fill in the blanks from here.

And that's when Rough Sex Much? happened.

Afterwards, we had Pillow-Talk (Pillow talk is the relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between two sexual partners after the act of coitus, usually accompanied by cuddling, caresses, etc.). 

Harris: In the past, there was a man I met up with on the regular. He wanted more from me than I was offering. It didn't end well. He couldn't just take what we had for what it was (purely platonic "Friends w/ Benefits"). I gotta good feeling about you though...

Me: Naw, I feel you. But you clearly must not know. You packin' something serious. Not just the dick, but you know how to USE it... I think that's what I like about older guys... I don't know about your other hook-ups, but I don't mind being a name in your lil' black book. Hell, I prefer it that way right now....

Harris: Has anyone ever told you that you have an "Old Soul"? ...

I went on to tell him that I don't usually meet up w/dudes like this. And he could tell. He saw my nerves at first. He went on to say how he only hooks up a few times every summer or so, when he has the house to himself. I told him he needs the house to himself more often!

I saw pictures on the walls of his family, but he didn't say anything, so I didn't ask.

We hit it off pretty well.

We still keep in touch via text.

I'm going to Kentucky in a few days, but before I do, I GOTTA get dicked down proper one more time for the road.

In my last post, I asked for people to hit me up with suggestions on topics to talk about in future posts. Relationship advice, sex fantasies, whatever.

A person, who has requested to remain anonymous, is in a conundrum.

Him and his boyfriend are madly in love and for the most part, they get along like a dream. The only thing is, Anonymous is Vers and despite his best efforts, his dude refuses to give up the booty. Its almost to the point where he feels like cheating on him with a guy just to get it out of his system.

In my humble opinion, "Total Tops" and "Total Bottoms" are some of the stalest mofoz out there. I get it; some people just have preferences, but if you really wanna enjoy all that the male anatomy has to offer, don't be so damn stingy.

In Anonymous' situation, I think it's a Power thing. His boyfriend would feel emasculated if his boo penetrated him. He won't even allow to be fingered.

But that is a selfish way of thinking.
If he really wants to satisfy Anonymous like he says he does, then he should give-in every once in a while.
Nobody is going to judge him.
There are plenty of well-respected Tops in the porn industry that have bottomed a few times.

Daddy (from DawgpPoundUSA),
Flex Deon-Blake (I've seen some old vintage scenes of him and Bobby Blake).
King (from DawgPoundUSA)
Slim Thug (from BreedItRaw)

the list goes on and on.

My suggestion is that if and when Anonymous can finally get his boyfriend to spread eagle, that he takes things slow. Anal Sex is terrible if it isn't comfortable. Start off slow. Rim. Foreplay. Relax. Maybe try a toy or two to break him in some.

Hell, you can even wait around for your birthday or Christmas and tell him you want some Ass as a present.

At the end of the day, what one person won't do, another one will.

Remember that.
Music, you say?

Azealia Banks -- Atlantis

Amy Winehouse -- Back to Black

Amerie -- One Thing

(I didn't intentionally mean to post songs from artists that start with "A", I'm just cool like dat. Bitches).


I've got a few more emails to read. Keep on sending 'em.

Enjoy the pics!



  1. Great pics....great story! And I'm a lil' jealous! I can't meet ANYONE on Craigs, the cell apps jack'd, Bender, Scruff, Mister, NOTHING!! I always get either the 18 to 25 y.o.s, or the old white dudes, or the skinny white dudes just wantin' some black dick. And I'm primarily a bottom - but I will top as long as the bottom is under 5'10 or shorter. I'm 6ft, and don't like toppin the same height or taller, it's awkward to me. I tried Craigslist here in the northern cali bay area twice, no luck - just stupid dudes that live a hour away, or the wrong types. I wonder - DO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE BOTHER TO READ A PROFILE FROM BEGINNING TO END? Or do they just throw caution to the wind? Am I not saying what I want correctly? So I just gave up. I figure I got two hands, I'll just be happy with those next time I get horny. Lol Any advice you have please share! Lol Thanks

  2. Hot / Right on but do not all for this guy to easily.

  3. Cogito...sounded like a hot encounter. I hope there were repeats. And your advice to dude was spot on. You should be flexible sexually to please your lover. Overall great write like a young man who is already very self aware.

    P.S. And thanks for shouting out my blog.