Saturday, June 29, 2013

Matt, Back in Jail

Click the following link to catch up on (Matt, Fresh Out of Jail)

The short version:

When Matt first got out, of course his best friend (my lil brother) had a girl waiting for him.

That girl, let's call her... Toya.

Toya is my nephew's mother's best friend. (I know that sounds complicated, but... )


Matt was really into her. And she was too. Into her, that is.

No matter what Matt did to make her lil ass happy, she was never satisfied.

You know how it goes.

From what the streets are saying, Matt had went to go pick Toya up from her mom's house and some dudes were shooting dice in a nearby garage/drive-way or whatever.

Matt is one of those niggas with itchy fingers, always ready to gamble. Crazy thing is, my brother and him are the sorest losers this side of the Mississippi...

Some cops came and busted the dice game up because they followed Matt's ankle-bracelet thing for his house arrest.

Not only did Matt violate his house-arrest (Strike One)

He was caught gambling (Strike Two)

And three of the other dudes there were also on Parole (Strike Three)

Damn. They said he didn't even take off running when Five-Oh pulled up.
Hell. Where would he have ran to? They have a tracking device on him like some kind of squirrel...

I'm not sure how much time he's facing, when I am, I'll let ya'll know.

Smh. Matt is really a good guy, he just makes dumb ass decisions...

I think that time he spent in jail made him institutionalized.

It hurts me to say that the most structured discipline Matt has ever received is behind jail bars.

His story is like countless others in the hood.

...and Toya? That lil bitch was on FaceBook the other night talking about "Free My Baby Matt", on Monday, and changing her relationship status to "Single" but Thursday night.


Enjoy the pics!


...Isn't this first pic just, like, EVERYTHING???? Good Got-Dayumn, dat dude got CAKEZ...


  1. can be ratchet sometimes and that story proved it. Hope brother wakes up one day.

    Immanuel at

  2. the harshness of life huh?

  3. Now see there Cogito? Had you just given the young man some ass or some sloppy head when he was checking you out a few months ago, you could have saved this man from his life of crime and wasting his time on some stupid bitch. Kidding. That chick sounds awful.

    btw, wouldn't your "nephew's mother's best friend" be your cousin's best friend, or is there some "once-removed" by marriage shit thrown in there too? Hope you're having a nice holiday. Had to go back through the pics and give a shout for the best. I think the man at the top would make a nice bottom. :D Looks like a pick I have seen on here before (in color, not b&w) where the guy is in a red jock strap. But I'm maybe I'm just projecting. Take! Care!