Saturday, July 13, 2013

My First Gloryhole

I've been in Louisville for about a week and a half. I’m hitting the highway tonight on my way back home around 4 am to avoid the heavy traffic. It's only like a 5 hour drive from Ky to where I live in Michigan. 

In the meantime, I wanna take a lil second and fill ya'll in on this lil' sexcapade I had... 

When I lived in Louisville, I was too young to enter inside any adult book store and even if I was, I wouldn't have had the balls to do it. 
Sex shops were such an uncharted territory at the time, I dreaded running into someone I knew in there or someone see me going in/coming out. 
You know how it is.
Last Monday, on my first night here, it suddenly clicked in my head that I can indeed take my 23 year old self into an adult book store and do the damn thang.

So I did.

When I went in, I thought I was just gonna buy a Stroker or something and be on my way.

But I saw a few guys kept coming in and out of a room with a neon XXX Theater sign on the door.

Curious, I tried to open the door but had to pay a 10$ fee for the guy at the counter to buzz me in.

In my mind, I’m thinking about all the porn I've seen with Peepshow themes so even though I didn't know what to expect, my expectations were high.

Soon as I walk into the XXX Room, the smell of sweaty balls hit my face.

And not in a good way.

Although it IS illegal to whip it out in public, I guess it doesn't apply to adult theaters because
men were in there jacking their dicks like it was going out of style. 

There were even courtesy rolls of tissue on the side table of every couch to, um, 
“clean up what you’ve made”, according to the sign posted under the t.v.  

It caught me off guard for a second.

I find me a little spot on one of the leather couches and since I was in Rome, I started doing what the Romans did, if you know what I’m saying…

Some older white guy with grey hair and bifocals peeped me when I walked in and as soon as I sat down, he came over to my couch.  I will refer to him as “Father Time”.

After giving him no protest about sitting on my couch, I saw him slowly scooting over to me.
I still gave him no protest.

Faster than you can say “Mr. Marcus gives his co-stars Syphilis on purpose”,

he started jerking my dick. I reached over and returned the favor.

It was kinda hot. A few guys stopped watching the t.v. and started watching us.

Everything was going swimmingly.

After a few minutes, Father Time decided it would be a good idea to turn over on his back and tell me to suck his balls.

*record scratch*

You don’t just throw your ass in the air like that and command a stranger to suck your balls. On top of that, he didn't smell too fresh down there anyway.

 “Aw HELL naw!” I said to him.

He asked me again, and I told him NO again.

Accepting the fact that I wasn't “about that life”, Father Time shrugged his shoulders and left me.

At this point, I wasn't even in the mood anymore and besides,
the little bitch on the t.v. screen was obnoxious. 

She sucked dick like it was a pack of Sour Skittles and kept saying shit like 
“Ooohh baby, gimme that penis. Ooooh daddy, you like when I lick her vagina?”
As I approach the exit, I see Father Time bobbing his head in the lap of some Italian looking dude.

In fact, it was a pretty nice mix of guys in there. 10 or 15 altogether, including me. It reminded me that there are truly some freaks in this world, so I'm in good company. 

I've always kinda been into the whole "seedy, underground" thing but never experienced it until then. 
They also had the private peep show booths. The machine takes 1, 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills. According to how much you pay, you get a certain amount of time to watch a scene in the booth. 

I checked out a few of them and realized that I have better porn on my laptop.

On the plus side, the booth I was in just happened to have a Gloryhole in the wall by the chair of the booth.

I pay my toll and some generic ass gay porn scene popped up on the screen.

Halfway through me choking the chicken, I heard someone enter the booth on the left side of mine.

After a few minutes, I heard him turn the volume up on the scene in his booth. 

Next thing I know, some white guy’s dick is dangling through the Gloryhole on my side of the wall.

Call me an uppity nigga all you want, but I’m not about to just suck some random guy’s dick. Especially if I don't even know what he looks like. 

I did, however, stroke it for him. Clearly he'd been edging for a while because when he came, he CAME.

When it was my turn, I wiped his cum onto my dick and he sucked it so good my knees damn near buckled.

I could hear him  slurping and moaning when I bust in his mouth.

I couldn't take it anymore; I had to pull away from the Gloryhole.

I'm not one of those guys that can pull out, bust, and then go back in.

My head is HELLA sensitive when I bust.

Especially when I'm up in some gushy gushy wet wet...


I didn't get a chance to go back because I got busy doing promo work for my poetry and stuff, but I've got enough material in my Spank Bank to last me until the end of next month (August 2013) when I go back for a show I’m featuring at…

Other than that, I had fun during my trip to Louisville. I forgot how weak I am for a good old country-fried Southern man.

I’m kinda mad that I lost my accent b/c I’ve been up North for so long...

Music, you say?


Oh, another thing, to my fellow bloggers: 
Make sure to backup your blog again. 
Google is on some fuck-shit and shutting down gay porn blogs left and right. 
I'm backing mine up after I'm done publishing this post. 
Enjoy the pics!


  1. been to a book store once didn't get into anything it was all too random for my taste

  2. Now that was a funny story! The place smelled like sweaty balls LOL! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Seedy sex every once in awhile does the trick.
    Immanuel at

  3. Hillarious!!! But u know u da bitch that turned ur high school men's room into a glory hole. LOL.

    Good post. Miss ya.