Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tone Bone

Tone is 26. about... 5'12", light cinnamon skin, cornrow braids, naturally masculine body frame, a Detroit accent, and is a hilarious jokester who always knows how to make the room laugh. He's a professional barber at the shop where I've been going to for 3 years.

In that time, we've hit it off and are now real cool with each other.
I affectionately call him Tone Bone.
Now, mind you, he's cute and all, but I'd never really thought of him "like that".

Although...I would catch myself "liking" some of his old Facebook pics and statuses. Each time he "likes" something of mine, I feel like the white lady who fell out in church in this Vine clip --->>(Click Here)

A couple weeks back, he was cutting my hair and, as with all barbers, struck up a light conversation...

Tone: Man...I heard something 'bout you, nigga!
Me: ...what?
Tone: Man...Pee Wee told me that you be hanging with Cordell n' them...
Me: O...K...? Yeah, That's my big cousin
Tone: Ain't he gay though?
Me: ...that man wears more makeup than a Sephora employee. Of course he is.
Tone: ya'll like the same... "thing" or whatever?
Me: ? Are you trying to ask me something?
Tone: Ain't you a preacher?
Me: ...among other things, yeah...
Tone: *makes the teeth-sucking sound* how a preacher gon' be in church but like niggas too?
Me: ...When I find one who does, I'll let you know.... Askin' all these police questions; are you writing a book report or something?

Forgetting that I just spent my last $10 on food, I told Tone that I could either pay him in Trident Layers, pay him double next weekend. He just had me drive him to Burger King instead.

When I dropped him back off at the shop, before he got out my car, he told me about one time in High School, some nigga tried to make a pass at him and for a split second, he hesitated about stopping the dude from touching him.

I was CERTAINLY ready to talk about that w/him! But someone inside the shop had flagged him down and he had to go...
Tone is just real cool peoples at this point. I don't even think he's DL or anything. And I'm surely not gonna try to put any moves on him.

...but if and when he makes a pass at me... *pshhhh*... it's a wrap!
Music, you say?

If I Were a Bell -- Teena Marie

We've Got To Stop Meeting Like This -- Teena Marie Ft. Ronnie McNeir

Neon Valley Street --Janelle Monae
Enjoy the pics n' vids! Leave comments! (P.S. Goooooot damn @ that first pic!)


  1. Yo Cogito, what's up? Some of your best! pics! yet! Well done. Tone sounds hotttttt. He's gonna make that move, trust. By the way, you know that someone who is 5'12" is also known as six-foot tall, eh? What did they teach you in that college? :D It's in the editor nerd in me. You know I love you. xxx

  2. Great Pics. I hope he does make a pass at you...That will be an awesome post

  3. He is just leading up to it. Go get 'em tiger! (then write about it!)
    Immanuel at

  4. Thanks ya'll! I got my fingers crossed b/c that nigga is fiiiiinnnneeee!