Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bought my first car yesterday (hold the applause)...

Hey yall! For those who didn't know, I'm still quite the youngn' (I'm at the tender age of 20). I know I blog sometimes about me at the bar and stuff, but remember that I'm a Slam Poet so I get a pass into all the local stuff/people who "know people". Anyway, I've never really needed to have a car of my own because if one of my family/friends didn't pick me up, I always had a dude on the side who would do it. So I guess I never "got around" to it. I have my driver's license, but... idk...

So, the cliffnotes version: found a decent car, a '96 Pontiac Bonneville, my uncle inspected it (he's a licensed mechanic) and gave me the okay so I talked the guy down from 3000 to 2000 for it. Damn it to hell, I took it this morning to switch the title and get the tags right, and as I'm driving, the DAMN transmission went to HELL on me in the MIDDLE of the highway! SMH! Turns out, as I was driving, a chain (or whatever the hell the mechanic said) broke as I was accelerating, causing the gears to try and shift to park. I'm going to the junk yard in the morning to find a transmission for a decent price. My uncle has a friend who's gonna fix it for me by this weekend... damn shame too, b/c I was going to drive by my boy's place and get a good ole drive-by booty call! smh! Leave it to a bad transmission to spoil a good nut! don't care about this though, do you? I just had to externalize it some way... enjoy the random cuties!!

btw, what should my next post be about? What do YOU want to read/see, etc?

lemme know, you tell me errrthang else!


  1. Great pix! Congrats on your new ride. Yeah, shit happens when you are behind the wheel. Super blog here, my friend!

  2. Interesting reading. I like your writing, very creative. Blog very interesting also. Congrats on the new ride. Good Luck.

  3. @Roger-- i know, sucks, right? Thanks for the compliment!

    @HisLove--thanks for the compliment, sometimes I feel veerrryy lazy as an english major because I totally screw the rules of english grammar/punctuation on my blog, but oh well... ;)

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