Monday, November 8, 2010

Update on my Dating :)

So I've been recieving a few requests to give an update on how me and my guy are doing together. For those who don't know, he's DL, totally masculine, and is quite petrified at the thought of someone finding out he's attracted to the same sex. It's crazy because he's not actually even sexually attracted to women at all, but he feels like he has to keep up appearances so he has a few chicks on the side who he "kicks it" with. Which is completely odd to me; if I don't like women, why the HELL would I string them along as if I did?

Anyway, I think in the last post, I was talking about how we're going pretty well. I finally convinced him to come with me to like a movie or something and we had a great night. That was the night we decided I was going to try and break him in as a bottom ;) sounds good... imagine a series of grunts, "damn, hold up, hold up...stop", more grunts, and a big ole "FUCK IT!" --that's how that turned out! I told him to just let me worry about all the dick riding from here on out ;) 'cuz he's not good at it. And its such a shame because he has a STUPID Badonkadonk ass! omg, when I put him face down, ass up and start eating him, it's like...thanksgiving ham...birthday cake... it's delicious! Lol, you know I can go kinky really quickly, right?

Since that night, we've just been pretty mellow and just kicking it. This semester at school has been crazy so we find ourselves having to "make time" with each other. But, we're making it work. We had a bit of a fall-out because one of his chicks called my phone and was trying to talk maaajoor shit (my number is saved in his phone under a girl's name) and I guess she thought I was some hoodrat trying to "take her man". Ghetto, I know. She doesn't even realize that he only fucks with her like twice a month and when he does, it's only for head. And I told him I'm not putting my lips no where NEAR his dick so long as another bitch is on it. Trust, he cut ties w/them hoes REAAAALLL quick after that! He know I got that good-good ;)

Other than that, eh'... we have our ups and downs, but, nothing worthy of breaking up...

Enjoy the pics yall!

For the newer followers who don't know, him and I "race" to see who can cum first to a few pics. Whoever wins gets to pick which picture I post first for the night's blog post... I won tonight! So, enjoy the spoils of my labor!



  1. Nice. You sound so grounded. Had a DL guy for years, until he went to jail. Sex was off the hook good. Now we live in different cities, but I saw him a few months back. Things have changed between us, but he's still in the closet, even though everybody knows he's gay. Weird. Anyway. Great blog. Keep it up!

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  4. LOVE THIS LINE: I'm not putting my lips no where NEAR his dick so long as another bitch is on it.I DON'T BLAME YA @ ALL! LOVE THE RAW RODS PIC BTW!