Monday, November 15, 2010 hit me up!!!

For those who don't know, is this lil website where you can ask people (assuming they have an account w/formspring) questions anonymously or otherwise. Just go to and ask me aaannnyytthhing you ever wanted to ask me and I'll answer as truthfully as I can. <3 love you guyz (and galz).

Okay, a few posts back I asked you all if you knew any good porn sites; I got plenty of feedback and I've narrowed my Phallus down to The site looks HELLA promising, but I just wish they had free downloads. Video on Demand is great, but what if I'm away from my WiFi and I want to bust a quick nut? idk, so, I guess I'll still be searching around until my cheap ass decides to subscribe. Have any of you been there? What's your opinion of it?  do you get a good stretch of your dollar? Lol, you think this is bad, you should see me in the grocery store; I'm the cheapest person you know! smh!

In other news... why have I been so horny lately? Seriously! Every poem I write lately gets hella kinky by the third stanza. I guess it's b/c I haven't had any in like a week. My dude has been in Chicago with his dad on some family emergency-type stuff. Granted, he's sent me a few dick pics on some "as soon as I get back..." stuff ;) but still, I'm not even used to jackin' off w/o him on my nipples or something! Lol, I'm spoiled! But, he'll be back in a few days so, Xtube, Pornhub, Blogger, looks like I'm masturbating like some high school freshman sex-deprived virgin. Real talk. Anywho, ya'll know I tend to ramble...

Enjoy the pics!


  1. I'm enjoying the pix immensely! Thanks much for all the effort and time, it shows.

  2. BlackBreeders is pretty hot man. My minimum below minimum wage horny as hell ass enjoy jackin off to intense raw nuts. I had a fuck buddy that was hung like a horse and fucked like a stallion and his sorry ass moved. So, all I have is the porn and fantasies of how he used to plow this ass and fill it with cum. He used to jump up and take a shower while I would let that nut marinade wishing he would got for round 4 (we always did at least 3 rounds). Anyway, I wish they would update more often. They did two this week. But it looked like some vault stuff I've seen