Sunday, January 2, 2011

We Made It To 2011!!

Hey hey hey! Hoping everyone's New Year's celebrations went off without a hitch; I sure know mine didn't! You have no idea: I was DYING to make a few posts since the last one but I said I wasn't going to do another post until after the new year; thank God it's here! I've seen a few fellow bloggers with similar posts about stuff like "What's in, What's out in 2011" so, here's my list: top 5 ins/outs of 2011...

1. In with Amateur porn, out with Porn Stars that can't fuck right. Self-explanatory; no offense to DawgpoundUSA, CocoDorm, etc. the scenes are hot of course, but the cum shots have always been sub par, maybe it's just me... but I can certainly do more with a camcorder and some imagination. In with Xtube, out with PaySites, for that matter....

2. In with Fleshlights, out with my right hand. Like I said before, as much as I love sex, masturbation has always been a favorite pastime of mine. That being said, I think I've abused my right hand long enough... I think I'm going to E-Shop around a while and find a decent priced Fleshlight (I'm a total Scrooge when it comes to money). O yes, there will be pics...

3. In with Workout Regimes, out with Being A Couch Potato. I have a busy life, when I finally get a chance to rest, I do just that: REST! But, I've started growing a bit of a gut lately and I don't like it! Granted, I've always considered myself as "husky" but by no means am I a "Fatty McFatFat". And from what I hear, the Gym is like a  breeding ground for guys to hook up. Not that I'm into the whole "slutty, throw myself at the nearest dick" kind of guy, but eye candy is always a plus!

4. In with straight porn star Mandingo, out with gay porn star Castro. Apples to Apples: Mandingo beats Castro on everything from looks, dick size, and fuckability. The only thing Castro has over Mandingo is that Castro of course is into guys, dabbles in bottoming, and has way better cumshots. But Mandingo is sooooo cute and he can get pretty damn kinky when he wants to; plus, Mandingo has better control of his dick; Castro just swings his around like a log.... the pics don't lie, and yes, that is ALL him...

5. In with YOU, out with THE REST. Seriously, who gives a Capitol F what others think? If it makes you happy, then that's all that really matters. I've always been one to celebrate and encourage individuality. The Good news is that you're GROWN AS HELL and can do whatever you want to do. The bad news is that people will hate you, no matter what you do to please them. So, if they're going to hate on you and talk about you anyways, atleast have some fun with it, you know? Give em' sumthn to talk about ;)

(In with 4.0 gpa, out with Academic Probation... 'nuff said...)

I definitely want to gain more followers to the blog. Not only that, I want more of my followers and fellow bloggers to give me feedback. A few hit me up on my email but I really would like to hear more from everyone else as well!

New semester begins tomorrow; taking some really interesting classes so wish me luck!

I'm not going to bore you all with too many more rambles, enjoy the pics; glad to see you on the other side of the ground!

Let's make this new year a time of new beginnings; forgive who you must, forget what you must, and move on with your life.

Enjoy the pics!!!!



  1. Here's to a great year. You rock.

  2. Love Your 2011 Ins and Outs! Especially In with You and Out with the Rest! Have a great New Year and thanks for keeping up with my blog and leaving such thoughtful comments!

  3. awww @ Flowers-- no, YOU rock! ;)

    @Immanuel-- thanks bud! Your blog is one for the books and I'm always recommending it to my fellow bloggers; you're a good man!

  4. You rock dude! :)

    I've also always been a fan of Mandingo! He's an Awsome performer!
    Jack Napier is also Amazing, and really handsome too. They both have Gorgeous cocks as well! Ha Ha!

  5. Cute In/Out List. I like Mandingo and am especially impressed with Castro because his recent stuff isn't weighted down by thuggery bullshit...are almost "light" and fun. Aside from the talking dork behind the camera the clips are fun to watch.

  6. You know I'm a fan. There's not much that you write that doesn't speak to me in some capacity. U da shyt nukka.

  7. Thanks yall! #Phoenix-- u know u da shyt too! ;)

  8. Wow, I love your blogs,they're all infused with passion and being real. You must a be real cool dude to hangout with. As for new years, I spent it guarding patrons from themselves and others at the door of a Nightclub in Vegas. The good thing is the compliments from cute guys lol. Have a good year man and keep doing your thing. We all enjoy, appreciate and respect the-for lack of a better word- realness of your blogs.

  9. all this is pictures makes me mad and gives me envy