Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best Head Ever! (part 2)

...I was still buzzing from a combination of the drinks and the nut I just busted, so I wasn't really thinking straight. I meant to ask this foo why he didn't want me to reciprocate the head (I wanted to compare notes; see if I could make him squirm like he did me).

So once we collected ourselves and calmed down, he went behind the bar, fixed us a few drinks; we made out some, and just... kicked it.

This is what he told me:

1. He's a newly-discovered Bisexual. At 38, he's just now coming around to admitting and accepting his attraction to the same sex.

So I'm like um... then how the HELL do you know how to make a nigga cum that fast??

2. Well, he's "messed around" is what he tells me. A few dudes in college... Enough to count on one hand but he says they were all pretty experienced... (but he's just a natural Dick Pleaser if you ask me...)

 3. He thought it was just "some ish he did in college" and thought he left it there... Until I come along. He says that I make him feel curios all over again (which was sweet! aaawww.... but he really just wanted some dick).

He's packing something great too! Around 9.5 inches or so. It's a preeetttyyyy dick too... But he doesn't know what the HELL to do with it.


4. This dude thinks he's a bottom. Yeah rite, with all that pretty dick, I'm gonna have fun teaching him how to work it...

And from there, we just compared stories. When we first felt attracted to guys, when was our first time with a guy, our turn-ons/off. The usual gambit.

He's all alone in this big city we live in (his family lives out West). Never been married. Was engaged at one point but they split up (he says it was mutual). And from what I've collected, he's just ready for something new and finally wants to explore his sexuality...

Now, that's all fine and dandy, but tell me why I'm hella reluctant about this whole thing? I guess because every guy I've ever dated (or even "hooked up" with) had already been living the lifestyle. There were no training wheels, you know?

For example: I think that's why he wouldn't let me do anything to him. He's still not used to the feel of another man.

So, this'll be interesting. Stay tuned for this! Not saying that we'll end up together, but I can see us working...
Thing is: I wasn't really even "looking at him" (had any immediate attraction). It wasn't until he started flirting with me that I truly even noticed him...

Sidenote: SuperBass by Nikki Minaj is totally my new theme song for the day! The video is soooo sexy! My gift to you:

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Oh! Part II filled in a lot of the blanks! You are a great guy and a good friend, and I can see why people feel comfortable talking to you. Now go get get this pants of his off! ha ha. Great writing makes for great reading. Thanks man!

  2. You nasty thang!! Reminds me of my HBCU days! I loved it.

  3. Love it!!!

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  4. @Flowers-- Thanks Man, always great reading your comments!

    @Anomy-- I actually get that alot~

    @Miky-- for sure!



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