Friday, August 31, 2012

Gay Slang and

We've discussed my weakness for Fem Guys before. Like, on a scale from Clay Aiken to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, I'm into a... Tyler Perry level of femininity.

Whatever. I like my guys w/a lil sugar in their tank. -_-

This post all started after I read this article on Fem vs. Masculine men on

I've always prided myself in being an advocate for the ambiguously gay male, being one myself. I'm too feminine to be considered masculine and too masculine to be considered feminine.

Because of that, and the fact that I've never really had a "gay" clique of friendships, I'm HELLA behind in gay-living. Especially when it comes to slang.

Gays have our own language. A language I still can't speak.

What does

"For the kids/children" mean?

What the hell is "Trade"?

What does it mean when you put "Boots" at the end of a phrase?

Um... "Throw Shade"?

What's the "T"?

I know what "Sickenin'" means, but what about "You bitches will GAG!"?

Does "Cunt" mean cute? As in "those shoes are so cunt!" ??

What about when someone's face is "beat"?

What is a "KiKi"?

One time, I was out doing Karaoke with some of my friends. The sassiest little gay guy you ever saw, was standing in front of me in line to request his Karaoke song. He turns to me and sees that I too am a sassafras, so he asks me "What broadway song should I request"?? And I'm like, "uh... All That Jazz?" lmao. Apparently all gays are into broadway music but me. -_-

And what's the deal with "Gay Houses" like the House of Chanel or the House of Revlon? If I wanted to join, would I have to like, fill out an application or something?

(Plus, what are some other gay terms?)

Enjoy the pics!


  1. For some reason I really like this post. I've been getting into this myself lately...I would suggest watching "Paris Is Burning" it's a great movie and will shed light on most of those terms as well as the concept of Houses...

  2. T; Crystal meth, aka Tina
    Throw shade: A dirty look
    beat: ugly
    Trade: off the street, DL, gay for pay, take your pic, a hustler, mainly, I think.
    House of Chantal: Check out the movie, "Paris is Burning," about the "houses" in 1980s NY, I think (been a while since I saw it).
    The rest, beats me, but I bet someone will let us know. Thanks for the hot. No sugar in those tanks! :D