Monday, August 6, 2012

The DL Chronicles

So I was preaching down in that Ghost Town of a city, Detroit, last weekend and I had some down time in between services. Because I'm abstinent from sex and j/o during my preaching trips, I had to leave my hotel room before I went crazy.

To collect my thoughts, I head down to the Barnes and Noble's and planned on picking up my favorite author, Erick Jerome Dickey's latest novel: An Accident Affair (See Below) and someone left Season 1 of The DL Chronicles on a nearby shelf. I heard a lot of hubbub about it so I figured I'd give it a shot.

For what it's worth, the writing is awesome. Granted, there are your conventional types of gay/bi/dl men, but the writers do a great job of creating dimensional characters and allow the story lines to develop naturally.

It's really all you can ask for of a decently entertaining show in it's category.
The guys are, of course, painfully gorgeous and the directors are gracious enough to flash an ass shot or two per episode.

There's a bit of comedic relief, an air of romance, the drama is taut and I find myself identifying with a lot of the situations. Especially since I guess I find myself in a DL relationship. Oh yeah, one of Rob's security guards caught us making out in his office. But that's another post...

If you're not already into the series, get into it. NOW! You can catch the episodes on Youtube, but in fragments. Like Season 1, Episode 2, part 3 but you can piece them together if you feel like it.

I'm screaming to Heaven for a Season 2 renewal.


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  1. "Because I'm abstinent from sex and j/o during my preaching trips..." -- You are a damn fool! I almost fell out the bed when I read that line. LOL


    "Oh yeah, one of Rob's security guards caught us making out in his office. But that's another post..." -- Uhhhhh...Cogito, if the muufukkin security guard caught ya'll, the DL part of yo relationship might be over. Too funny. Great post.