Friday, August 3, 2012

Penis Size: Are You Satisfied?

So, last month, during my check-up with my pulmonary specialist, he told me that at my height (5'4") I could spare to lose a few pounds (like I didn't know that already, smh).

When I do lose the weight, my asthma should be more controllable.

Mind you, I was 213 lbs at the time and since then, I'm down to 199 lbs.

14 lbs lost? I'll take it!

Since I've been losing weight, I SWEAR my penis has grown longer.
Don't get me wrong, I've always been satisfied with my 7. I haven't had any complaints yet.

But I promise you, I think I've gained a good inch, and it's even a bit thicker.
I didn't notice this until earlier last week when Rob was putting a condom on me; it wouldn't roll down easily.

He runs and grabs a ruler out of the junk-drawer and measured me.

8 inches and counting! :)

I hopped up and started doing the dougie. LMAO
So, to all of y'all: are you satisfied with your size?

Not only that, but are you satisfied as far as stamina?

How long you can edge? How long can you last if you're hitting it raw?

(I suppose these questions only apply to Tops and Vers dudes, but...)

Nivea -- Okay (Red Cup Remix)

Azealia Banks -- Gimme A Chance

Jessica Simpson -- With You (I know! I know! But this song has always been guilty pleasure of mine!)

Lil Kim -- No Matter What They Say




  1. Congratulations on the weight loss and the added inch!

    I'm satisfied with my dick length (about 9 to 9.5)...have great stamina...and really don't have to cum when I'm having sex.

    For a man in his late 40s that ain't bad...

  2. So . . . you were dicking Rob down now or he uses a condom before he blows you? Damn. Confusing! How the fuck does a dick grow an inch . . . . over night??? You must really have Jesus on your side. :D

  3. There's an inch to be gained for every 30 pounds of fat loss. Ever notice how morbidly obese men seem to have theirs barely sticking out?...