Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cum On!

Disclaimer: I am not a hoe, I was just horny. So, don’t judge me, k? I and my boyfriend decided to take some time away from each other, but that’s for another post… ;) btw, I'm on Skype now; if you wanna chat, email me: 

At the barber shop last night, I met a guy from Detroit; let’s call him “T”. He’s cute, early 30’s, he was the DJ at this Ice Breaker on Campus and he invited me out. Told me to drop my name at the door and I can get in for free. And when I get there, he’ll teach me how to spin a few records. *rolls eyes* Luckily, I didn’t have to stay in the house that night and watch my granny, so I had the entire night to myself.

So, I was turning my closet inside-out, trying to find something cute to wear. What cologne? Mint-Chapstick or Carmex? Spongebob boxers or regular Hanes? Smh; I’m quite meticulous when deciding what to wear, especially when a good ole helping of Men is on the menu.

The party was jumpin, except for those Q-Dawgs always pushing people out of the way when they Stroll! I got tired of them pushing me and this one bitch kept eye balling me so I decided to climb up on stage and chill behind the booth with T and see if he was all talk and no game. To my refreshment, he was really cool and showed me how much really goes into it. It’s more than just making a playlist and pressing play. He grabbed me by my waist for a split second to see how I would react; when he saw I didn’t flinch, it was on and popping from there!

After his set was over, he went outback to blow some weed and asked if I was interested. I followed him, though I don’t smoke, I kinda like the smell of weed and was really enjoying his company. He gave me a “Shotgun” where he blows weed smoke into my mouth and I’m supposed to inhale it. Whatever; it took me like 3 tries to get it right because I’m that smart, lol.

When I finally got the hang of Shotgunning, he leans in and sticks his tongue in my mouth. That’s all it took! We made out for a while; damn he was a good kisser. I told him he needed to hold up because people were starting to come out back to get to their cars. I went back in, said my round of goodbyes to my friends, and met T at his hotel in an hour like we planned.

We get up to his room, and it’s NO CLOTHES ALLOWED. We strip, he tosses me on the bed; ate me out so good he had me giggling, damn. Sucked my dick so good, I started speaking Chinese and I can’t even speak it! And his dick? It was a good 11” at least, so you know I was quite pleased!

BUT HE DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!! THIS NIGGA LASTED FOR 7 MINUTES, MAX!!! I’m riding him, and I see he already has his money-shot face. I’m nodding my head like naw, naw, naw nigga, naw! Before I could throw my ass on him like I wanted to, he busted all in the Magnum. “This is some bullshit…” I said to myself; at least he had the decency to suck me off, and he swallowed with no problem. He pretty much had to. All that damn talk about what he would do to me, didn’t even measure up! COME ON!!! See, this is why I don’t hoe around (anymore)…

Enjoy the pics! 


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