Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Breed Or Not To Breed...

I’m totally considering my next Paysite subscription to be! I’ve been looking around, doing some comparisons and I think they offer where it is I’m trying to go in my next level of sexual adventures. I hate to say it but right now, I’m SEXUALLY BORED… nothing is “new” to me. Big dicks, fat asses, good tongue game, yeah, I’m used to all of that. I want something more: leather, veeeerrryyy light bondage, I’d LOVE to fuck a guy into snowballing (my bf isn’t, smh).  What’d you think? or not? Hit me up:

So I’m sure you’re well aware of my abstract way of thinking and seeing the world. Idk why I’m so crass and sarcastic sometimes, but I guess it’s just one of the things that make me “tick”. So I’m watching a porno the other night (surprised?) and it was pretty damn hot. It was some vid from BlackRayne (I think) in which Shorty J and 2 others were having a threesome. And I’m into it of course; I’m watching it, jacking off, and playing w /my nipples, all that good stuff. When out of the blue, one of the tops takes his cell phone, puts it in a condom, lubes it up, and pushes it inside Shorty J! Not only that, but then they dial the cell phone and it starts vibrating inside of him! When this happened, two things happened to me:

1.      1.  *record scratches* WTF?? Followed by a tilt of the head and uncontrollable laughter.

2.       2, I wondered to myself what the HELL Shorty J must’ve been thinking. I mean, aside from the fact that he is one of my favorite bottoms, I’m aware of the fact that he is a GROWN ASS MAN nonetheless. Like, does he look back after it’s all over and realizes he just had a cell phone ringing inside of his ass hole? When he’s 80 years old, will he look back and tell people “you know, back in my day, I had telephones inside of me…” smh! Shorty J is cute and all but damn…
Here’s a link to the clip, tell me what you think:

What must go through the Porn Star’s thoughts as they’re on camera? For the professionals, they’ve made a lifestyle choice to have sex (protected or not) as a means of living. I respect them for that; hell, I’ve said before that I want to be in a porn scene or two before I die; I’m in no place to judge anyone at all. But damn, the cell phone just took me too fast! 

And for the record: YOU KNOW YOU WATCH TOO MUCH PORN WHEN YOU CAN MATCH A DICK TO A FACE! Show me a pic of Mandingo’s dick, Castro, Brian Pumper, Mr. Marcus, Marc Williams, Wesley Pipes, Devlin Weed, (the list goes on and on) and 9/10 times, I BET I can tell you which dick belongs to whom. And I’m soooooo not bragging about that, but hell, I love porn, is that such a crime? 



  1. LOL! As for me you can add Shane Diesel to the list. I'm certain I could match a pic of his dic to his face as well. Dayum, I'd love to get with that man.

  2. How could I forget?? Shane Diesel's dick is amazing; his dildo is very much like his actual penis. He's at the top of the list for porn stars I would fuck! ;)

  3. Actually CogitoEroSum that cellphone scene was kind of hot...would you have felt the same way if it was just a vibrator? LOL

    Personally I find a lot of gay porn boring...everybody tries to look too hardcore instead of letting go. Maybe you can recommend some good movies for me.

    At any rate, thanks for following my blog and I definitely enjoy yours!

  4. You think you have a problem? I can recognize men I've been with via dick pics on A4A. By the way I let go my Dawgpound and Taggaz website for Breedit Raw and BlackBreeders. I let my The Video Freaks Expire. TimTales is pretty hot if you get into swirls sometimes they have str8 espesso scenes.

  5. Hahhahahahahhahahah a phone really, just use a vibrator already. As for porn sites I could use some advice myself. Any recommendations?