Monday, March 21, 2011


So I’m dropping this brother from church off and down the street from his house is one of those Scented Body Oils shops. It looked really neat, funky, had a nice Bohemian thing going on so I decided to swing by and check it out. I walk in and the first thing to hit my nose was the many different aromas fighting for my nostrils. But it smelled so damn good in there! And to further play with my senses: this tall, thick dark skinned guy (he kinda looked like Ice Cube to me…) was at the counter, playing on his Xbox 360.

“??? Thought I was the only person who played Soul Calibur!” I was happy to find another.

We had some small talk; he paused the game and came to help me.

I smelled the Egyptian Musk. Bought it.
I smelled the Hysop. Bought it.
I smelled the Marc Jacobs. Bought it.
I applied some of the Whipped Shea Butter. Bought it.

But then he recommended for a “man of my taste” a bottle of Pheromone Oil.
He handed me a jar of Coffee Beans to clean the smells out of my nostrils.

I can’t describe to you what it smells like, but as soon as he held the cap up to my face, it immediately turned me on!! I’m not sure if it’s really chock-full of Pheromones or if it was just a psychological thing, but either way—it made my dick happy!

“Yeah, Pheromones are supposed to be a scent that attracts the opposite sex…” he tried to school me.

“…Same Sex as well, from what I’ve heard…” I was being coy; setting the bottle on the counter.

Bought it.

Before I could put my change in my wallet, he wrote his Xbox Live ID on the back of the store’s business card.

“I might have to kick yo smart ass in Soul Calibur sometime…” he laughed.

I do my SHIT w/ Ivy and her whip but only my Gamers know what I’m talking about… ;)

Enjoy the pics!

btw, don't talk about my cheesy title; it's the Slam Poet in me! 



  1. why did i go out and buy a bottle of pheromone oil?
    (fuckin around with u and this blog) lololol

  2. Don't make me put Kilik on your ass!! Lol!!