Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dick Pleaser!

"When you gon come back n let me put dis pussy on u??” is the text I received on Tuesday while taking my midterms. I got it from that thick ass red bone dude I met at the Icebreaker, read my Got Me Some Ass! ;) post. “Shit… I’m down for whatever; I got a sweet tooth anyway…” I texted back; we decided to meet up at this great Italian restaurant; we filled up on great food and conversation, but we both knew what was really up. Fast-forward.

His dorm is on the 5th floor so we took the elevator; on the way up, I grabbed his dick and we started making out like savages; breathing hot and heavy. My tongue down his throat, moaning loud and tasting eachother… when *ding* the elevator stops on the 3rd floor for someone so we rip away from eachother and play it cool… damn. Fast-forward.

I got him facedown, ass up on the bed and I’m going to TOWN! He has such a pretty pussy, I really can’t help myself; the taste of his hole is… insatiable. And it’s always CLEAN—inside and out. I’m letting my tongue slip from his hole and every now and then I’ll play w/ his balls and his scrotum a bit; just to get him hot; and he loves fingering while I spit in it.

…In my last post, remember I told yall he saved my condom?

I’m laid out on the bed and he’s sucking my dick like he owes me money! I’ve had a few deep throats before, but this nigga was a DICKPLEASER. A true worshipper of Dick in every sense of the word.
“Hold up daddy, I got sumthn for you…” he reached for his topdrawer and he pulled out my condom from last time—he tied it in a knot and stored it in an old medicine container. I’m looking at him like ???? “I told you I wanted to save it, now let me handle dis thang, daddy…” Now, I’m all for some freaky shit but damn, I must admit this one took me a bit fast, but I trust him so it was all good…

He poked a hole in the condom w/the top of a pen and drizzled it from my chest down to the tip of my dick. Then he licked it all off, from my nipples, down to my shaft and mind you: I’m gripping the sheets the entire time. Then squeezed the rest of the old cum onto his hands and rubbed it on his hole and mounted up on my dick.

I threw him back and started hitting him Doggy Style. “Fuck daddy! MMMmmmmMMmm…” I gave him a reach around and he bust a HUGE nut in my hands; then he turned around and sucked it off of my fingers until I was ready to bust.

I’ve never given anyone a facial until that night. It was HOT! The way he licks and laps his tongue waiting for a nigga’s cum—a true cum guzzler!

Then afterwards we just sat back and played some Xbox 360 and ordered some Chinese food.

Then it was round 2…and 3… 

What I like is that he’s not looking for a relationship and neither am I; it’s just good company and great sex! 

The world would be a better place if we could all just fuck eachother with no strings attached…



  1. I listed your blog on my website, could you list my blog on yours. I had to rebuild my site because it was hacked.

  2. for sure Richard, doing it now


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  4. @Ashley-- thanks!! that means a lot to me <3