Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top 10 Hottest Black Male Celebs

1.       1. Idris Elba
If you haven’t seen his performance in Daddy’s Little Girl, then you will know NOTHING of why this man is sexy! Omg, at the end of the movie where he was all steamed up and mad, I thought my dick was going to break! Not to mention the fact that he’s from “across the pond” and that accent of his makes everything aaaallll the more better!!

2.       2. Mechad Brooks
I’ve been admiring him ever since I saw him on Desperate Housewives a few years back. Then, when I saw him again on The Game, not only had his acting skills doubled, but his body matured as well. Tall, dark, fine as FUUUUCCKKKK. And, he’s a Calvin Klein Underwear Model. The pics of him in nothing but skin-tight boxers, only add to my fantasies…. I can go on and on about what I would do to him… just know that those lips of his do PLENTY of dick sucking in my mind…And his ass, I would have a fucking FEAST!!

3.  Denzell Washington
Denzell is a very “Classic-Sexy” kind of guy to me. He can be absolutely livid, irate, ready to bust a cap in someone—and yet remain calm, cool, and collected the entire time. See, I have this weird turn-on for that angry, violent yet passionate kind of sex. Denzell is the epitome of that particular turn-on. If this makes any sense to you at all about how sexy Denzell is to me: THE WAY HE CHEWS HIS GUM MAKES ME HORNY!!!! Can’t explain it! That strong as jaw-bone and the way his teeth grind… like I said, it’s weird but it’s hot!!

4.       4. Columbus Short
Now, what he lacks in talent (whomp whomp whomp) he makes up for in looks. Although at times, he has a tendency to look a bit tripped-out. He has a smile that melts me and a body to make me easily slip right on out of my boxers. As a matter of fact, I won’t even be wearing any…

5.       5. Michael Jae White
I suffer the “Daddy Syndrome” with him too. He’s such a diesel “alpha-male” and I absolutely love it. His face, DAMN! His body, OMG! His dick, FUCK!! And I can’t help but wonder if he can eat a good ass. Hope I have the chance to find out!

6.       6. Chad Ochocinco
The man makes me want to watch Football, okay??? He is so fucking fine, it should literally be illegal. Many people give that one guy Terrel Owens (wait, now I have to try and hold my breakfast down…) more hype than him. Ugh, T. O. looks like a fucking water bug… My man Ochocinco can get it HOWEVER he wants it. And not only that, but he’s a really cool individual.

For a really great reason that I can never tell you about: I know Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers and while visiting him one summer, I had the chance to kick it real tough w/ Ocho and he’s really cool. *sighs* and his dick is huge…

7. Nas
That voice of his. The way he raps turns me on. On his song “Big Girl Now” I get instantly hard when he hits that second verse. Lol, my dick is growing just thinking about it. And he’s such a lil cutie! That beauty mole on his face, those almond shaped eyes, those lips. Naz is the kind of guy that would turn me into a big hoe! Smh! Because all he’d have to do is tell me where and when, and I’m there!

8.       8. Tyson Beckford
I do think he is highly overated, but I can’t deny his looks. Those chinky-eyes, those lips, that fucking BODY. He breaks the “Dumb Models” stereotype because he’s actually a very intelligent person. If you can hold my interest in an intelligent conversation, my boxers are already half-way off…

9.      9.  Tristan Wildes
When he was on that show “The Wire” I didn’t really notice him. But when I saw him on the new series of 90210, he made me a believer! He has such a cute smile and he can actually ACT! Not only that but you can’t tell me that he’s not a TOTAL BOTTOM! The things I would do to that mofo… I would eat him out like a thanksgiving turkey…I don't always get the chance to practice my skills as a Top, but I'd relish the opportunity with this lil shorty thickems'

10. Nate Parker
If you haven’t seen “The Great Debators” or “The Secret Life of Bees” then you won’t be able to contemplate the level of sexiness this man oozes from his pores. He’s a “Baby Denzell” in my book, as far as acting and looks. Let’s just say, in my fantasy with him, all that honey from “the secret life of bees” is put to damn good use… Tristan Wildes included ;)

Okay, I know some of your favorites may not have made the list. These are purely just my tastes. Let me know who I forgot to add! I tried to find the most revealing and LEGIT pics I could. The naked pic of Tyson Beckford is real, I compared the tattoos. The ass shots of Idris Elba are from an episode of The Big C. The Ass shot of Mechad Brooks is from an episode of True Blood...

btw, these pics are in no particular order. But if so, Idris Elba would be at the top of the list...

So, no dick/ass pics tonight but more to come. I just wanted to showcase the beautiful black men, consider it an homage to Black History Month. ;)



  1. You reference Michael Jai White's dick, but no pics? Would love to see that.

    8-5 has a big dick? I heard just the opposite, and all the implied nudes he's done have him hiding readily behind just a football. If he were as hung as you imply, that pic wouldn't be possible. Would love to see a pic that proves me wrong.

    And just comparing tats doesn't disprove photoshop, but that pic is consistent with the view you can get if you slow motion the skinny dip video. Hard to believe a full-frontal would be out there since he's been so careful to keep such out of view.

    Sorry to get all technical. Get weary of all the fake pics out there. But I do thank you for what you have provided. Great job!

  2. I loved all your pics. Mehcad Brooks and Idris, so sexy.

    However, I have a major problem with your use of the phrase "Chinky eyes" to describe Tyson; I mean "Chinky"? Let's find a better way to describe how his Asian heritage has helped shape his beautiful face.