Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sell A Bit

This is what a good friend of mine, Adam, said to me in response to my phone being cut off:

“You’re 5’4” , thick as fuck, stacked in all the right places, you know how to throw it back, you know how to slang dick real well (we fucked a few times). So um…. WHY THE FUCK IS YO PHONE OFF???  All them bedroom skills you have, you can raise 80 bucks in one blowjob…”

Let me explain: Adam is a self-proclaimed ManWhore. No, really; he’s proud of how he throws himself, from dick to dick, because, in his words: “My pussy gets me out of paying bills, and into bill paying beds…” Whatever.


I’m not some self-righteous kind of “my body is my temple” kind of guy. Hell, I have fantasies where I’m doing like, GloryHole-Slave work, for pete’s sake! (Remind me to share that one…) Not to say that it’s anything wrong with having a Price Tag—I know it’s hard out here—But don’t think it’s the only way to earn money—and please don’t be CONTENT with selling yo ass! Like really, who does that?

But what I am NOT—is a user. I have my share of one-nighters, but those are mutual arrangements. We both know what we’re getting ourselves into. There are no strings attached. No receipt trails; just hard dicks and empty Trojan wrappers.

Don’t get me wrong, if I could suck dick AND get my phone cut on, it’s a win-win! But I'm not going to suck dick for the sole purpose of getting my bills paid. 

I’m much more comfortable getting my BLACK ASS UP, going to work, and waiting for that check every 2 weeks…

…1993 just called, they want their Sugar Daddy Syndrome back…


(Sidenote: I just go in from the movies, I went with friends to go see that damn Black Swan and let me just say, this bitch Natalie Portman masturbating on the big screen almost made me throw up my Popcorn and JuJuBeans. Save your 8 dollars... )

(enjoy the pics!)

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