Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold, Bored, and Single...

So I’m bundled up under three different covers, wrapped up, I have the heat set on HELL and my toes are still kinda cold. You call it a Thermostat problem, I call It: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MICHIGAN WEATHER. Smh. One thing I like to do is sip on some hot chocolate and sit in front of my patio window and watch the Goings On outside. Eh, it’s the old man in me.

I was walking to my car last night and was like "Really, God? I know you're awesome and mighty and all that, I get it. You don't have to throw this much snow on my car to prove it!" lol!!!

So, because my brain is pretty much frozen, I’ll just be random as hell… (sue me).

1.       1. I totally have Skype now, if you want to chat, hit me up. Capricornaries@hotmail.

2.       2. Never thought I’d say it, but I’m SOOOO over Porn right now. Same scene, different dick, you know?

3.       3. I’m single again. Me and ole boy I was telling yall so much about, we just decided to be friends with an occasional “benefit”. I’m so busy hosting poetry shows, guest judging, preaching, etc. that I haven’t any real time to share w/my boo and this became a major issue. On the other hand, when I did have the time, he was being all distant and nonchalant about everything so I guess we kinda just… grew apart…

4.       4. Kinda heartbroken, but I can honestly admit that for what it was worth, we had our fun, had our share of love, but ultimately, he was a distraction. He threw me “off my square” so much that my grades were trying to slip, my wallet was getting skinny, and I was getting fat. So, eh… Hell, I wish him the best but I mean… fuck it, and fuck him.

5.       5. I’m doing this whole “100 Crunches a day” routine. I’m at 480 right now and I must say that every time I even laugh, my entire stomach feels tight. And it feels damn good to know that I’m toning up again.

6.       6. Getting an Xbox 360 and can’t wait to see what all this Call of Duty buzz is about. GTA IV, Soul Calibur IV, get ready!

7.       7. You know, I really do appreciate all of yall for following my lil ole’ blog and putting up w/my rants and raves. Not that I don’t have people to vent to in my life, but (see #8)

8.       8. Isn’t it strange how you can be your total, absolute SELF in front of people you have NEVER met but you’re somehow “programmed” to act “this way” in front of “that person”? Granted, on the internet, you can be whomever you choose: an E-Thug, a Saint, a Sinner, A hoe, etc.

     9. But I really become self-aware whenever I’m not being true to myself just because I feel like I need to meet expectations.

      As yall can see, my mind is one 20 different channels right now. Eh, just felt like blogging. Enjoy the pics! Cogito, Capricornaries@hotmail.com

That second to last picture, I know a guy who looks so much like him, I damn near thought it WAS him. But he doesn't have a birth mark where he should, so... *whew* either one of them could get it though... 

...And since we've no place to go, let it snow! Let it snow! Let it Snow!!



  1. I just want to say - I stumbled upon your blog in my eternal quest to find porn (which, by the way, I love your picture selection). Then I started reading your posts, and have come to really enjoy your voice! I look forward to your posts; and it was a real treat to discover that maybe you are also a Michigan native (my partner and I live in Hamtramck). Maybe I could get to visit one of your poetry shows one day (or hear you preach, which would be a real treat) :)

  2. Oooo la la... @ the pics. DAMN! First pic is a cum shot? Instantaneous hardon, thank you very much.

    Sorry to hear about your breakup though :\

  3. @ Frank, how far is Hamtramk from Portage?

    @Pearl-- just don't break nothin'!! and yeah, it sucks but, at least I'm on the market again...


  4. hoo wow! you are certainly a good distance, my friend! only about 3 hours tho... not bad by my standards (i am a road warrior) hehehe. hamtramck is inside the north portion of detroit, right between i-75 and i-94. :)